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Memory's Sway

There was a Gentleman of distinction that day.
When they passed each other on the way.
He said  with a pleasant smile, "I see
we share the same path for a little while, so there they were
Together for the extra mile."
Joining hands in love's sweet care, and built
Their home with stylish flair.
Winter's, Summers, Spring or Fall, would come to life in their call.
He stood tall and she was small,  dancing in the night giving their all.
Two days before Christmas a daughter came their way.
Year's later she is grown with a family of her own.
I remember the twenty-third of December.
Happy Birthday, to my Mother so far, Today I wish upon your star.
Someday I'll stand beside you where you are.
Happy Birthday, on this soft winters day, my love for you lives on in every way.
Your peace and gentle wisdom live on; as life moves in memory's sway.

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Memory`s Sway