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The hinge of history

The hinge of history is on a stable door in

Bethlehem. A child came into this world,

A God child, a star child, a child destined

To change the world forever.


Imagine that, a baby, set to challenge kings,

Upsetting the applecarts of the high and

Mighty and in his wake, the promise of

Christmas, peace on earth and goodwill to



Dwell on that if you will. A woman has

A baby and the earth shook. Obviously,

Not just any baby, but a very special baby.

A baby like no other and there they were,

Soothsayers, stargazers and oracles, all lost

To explain the arrival and meaning of a

Star and a baby laid in a manger.


The son of God, the child of God, who on

Earth could combat such a miracle? But

Many have tried, oh, they tried as hard as

They could, but there was no silencing the

Cry from the healthy lungs of the son of God.


In modern times the faithless, like the poor,

Are still with us, but secular aims aside. the

Child of God will not be silenced by empty

Barrels that make the most noise and the least

Sense, and there are joyful signs afoot that this

Precious child is still amongst us and at work

In our daily lives.


As the smaller churches close their doors

Against those who would steal from the altar,

Rip lead from the roof and desecrate a holy

Place, cathedrals have oiled their hinges and

Flung their doors open to floodlights and laser

Shows. What, many have ventured, has this

Got to do with with a saviour sent from God?

Well, ‘knock and the door will be opened’, ‘seek

And you will find’, and thus surely there can be

No objection to the house of God and thus the

Light of the world, embracing light as a means

Of reaching out to thousands who, upon hearing

The call, came and where amazed by what they



And lately, the city has filled with people; the

Shops and streets are buzzing again, love, life,

And the true meaning of Christmas has come to

Call and it is likely it will stay, thanks to a

Hinge on a door that was thrown open. Truly a

Mighty child at work here.

Merry Christmas

© Joseph G Dawson


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