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Kitty Yuletide

Christmas carols filled the air, ornaments for the tree
Was Patiently waiting for me, then my youngest son runs
Across the room swinging my long handle broom!
"Mom, the whole family of cats are in the tree, come
Look and see!"
From across the room wouldn't you know six sets of 
Eyes were in a festive glow.
Always some static with the pets in the pine, but I was
Determined to bring out the shine!
So I set the artificial tree in the utility room for their 
Play,  how long would it stand, who could say.
But my hope was it would last, and keep them happy,
They took to it rather snappy.
I opened the curtains in that utility room, in the night
It sparkled and shined,  their eyes set the tree aglow; 
The brightest Christmas Tree I ever did know!
Our family of cats was content with their tree,  each one
Claimed their own limb, not one spot became dim.
That Feline family, so grateful to win
Seems the Mother and her five grown kittens are free,
They've traded their catnip for their own tree!

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Kitty Yuletide