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Cards of stone

Churches are very special places. Yes,

They are places of worship, but more

Than that, I suspect the walls have

Ears and like stone SD cards the

Walls heard and stored what passed

In the fabric of the building, both in

The stonework and in the space that

Is the church itself. A curious form of

Memory storage that speaks to those

Who can hear, telling of long-forgotten

Secrets, mislaid, cast aside, but never

Entirely lost.


Yes, congregations have come and

Gone, lived and died, but a remnant

Remains, whispers from a distant past,

Emotions that live on regardless of the

Will of time. Reflectuions that keep

Coming back like the tides of the sea,

Telling of joy, pain, sadness, sins and

The vast suffering of hard times.


Spaces may harbour the past, lying in

Wait for that moment in time when

With the passing of less than a second

Now’ instantly becomes ‘Then’ and is

Greeted by the cold hand of history.

Such are the pressures of love, death,

Grief, sorrow and forgiveness that it

Is hardly surprising passions gather

Like an electric charge, accumulating,

Building up, until the air literally

Sparks with emotion, emotions that

Are then promptly abandoned at end

Of service to be eft behind, unwilling

To escape and where to if they would?

Lost in the echoes of the hour, waiting,

In hope that someone might in time

Hear their plea and thus recover their



Sit quietly in an empty church and you

May feel the swirl of history, sensations

Superimposed upon sensations, tears upon

Tears and joy upon joy fill the air as might

Be expected, but in there too is the essence

Of anger. anger arising from promises made

And promises broken, rings exchanged and

Rings tossed crelessly into the abyss. Sad

Farewlls to loved ones and joy in abundance

At Christenings.


A church is much more than four walls and

A roof, it is the place where people meet in

Love and togetherness, no-one need be alone

When there is a church nearby where people

Gather in friendship and faith eager to welcome

New life into the world and mark the passing

In sadness of those who will be sorely missed.

Hardly surprising then given all this activity,

All this love, all this raw emotion, something

May linger in the body of the building leaving

Its mark, its spirit, to dwell in the cards of


Merry Christmas


© Joseph G Dawson


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