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Little Lamb

In the heart of the forest, a lamb wonders searching for her mother.
So far away the infant lamb has gone astray.
A Shepherd finds the precious lamb before danger makes a mark.
The Good Shepherd lifts the lamb from the nightfalls pending dark.
Back to her family, she tells her Mother of the loving hands of a kind Shepherd so brave.
She was so close to the danger nearing the wolf packs cave.
Now safe and warm with her Mother's love, she looks to the stars above.
A soft breeze on winter's eve has soothed the lamb to sleep.
She rests upon the land with her Mother's keep.
God Bless this lamb and all the Good Shepherds Sheep.
Home in the field of life, the lamb is shielded from fatal strife.
A gift of love drifts across the field, and salvation gently yields.
Welcome home little lamb of the earth, claim your home of worth.

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Little Lamb