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Pirates Love

Pirates Love
By Zachary Beerbower

Upon him the ship was old so really no one would know how far it would go on.
So as they sailed they sang their songs.

"Yo ho he loved and yet he sailed but then the world can prevail."

The pirate sang, and groomed his neared hoping his lass would soon hear.

"Yo ho my heart, yo ho my dear wandering this sea with grace not fear."

He danced to his time as he sang his song of love, yet still wondering if his ship may flood.

"Yo ho let's sail yo ho let's go I wish that my love may grow."

As the pirate grew near he heard a shallow song, yet so sweet and gracefully long.

"I loved you and lost still searching with soul hoping one day I'll travel the world."

The pirate sailed near with his hearty crew, hoping that their quest was about to conclude,
They heard the luscious lass sing once more and with that the pirate yelled,

"Sail forth," she sang with heart and sang her story.

Oh love, oh love we are the now hoping there could make me proud, walking between the new found crowd,"
"We'd sail the sea with our kids oh how wonderful our lives we'll live."

The pirate sailed closer and smiled with heart and showed his love that they were no longer apart.
His hearty laugh showed her safe and they both had gone and travel with pace.
They laughed as they kissed with blossom like touch showing that love can always be tough,
So they sang with passion and hope with the sun in the noon, knowing that one day pure love will be true.

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Pirates Love

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