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The genie's in the bottle

Spare me a moment and I'll tell you a tale,

About a very weird future that's coming our way,

Few will believe it, standby for pooh-poohes,

I don't like it either, but suspect that it's true.




I can't avoid the notion that the earth's here

By intent, a nursery of 'what might be' in a

Vast experiment. A blue dot in the cosmos, where

Ideas are cast abroad, surviving types are classed

As right, chuck failures overboard.


It's all so automatic, self-organising schemes,

From cave to lathe, the bombs we've made,

'Intelligent machines'. An accelerating process,

Coming closer by the hour, a time when man is

Overruled by the rise of robot power,


We've always fought for freedom, so why now

Give it up? What safeguards might there be in

Place, should the robots turn on us? I speak of

Complications a long way off in time, synthetic

Blood, awareness cells and eyes that read the mind.


Laugh if you will, time won't stand still, a bit like

'Man won't fly', whatever man thinks of today will

Come to pass in time. The genie's in the bottle, best

Keep the stopper tight, for once we lose the right to

Think - we lose the right to life.

© Joseph G Dawson
22/12/2018 and earlier

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