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Mustangs Play

Wild horses ran the land, their young stood proudly,
The rumble of their hoofs echoed loudly.
Beneath the Turtle Mountains are the lush green pastures
Where a herd of Mustangs knows no master.
In the utmost reaches of the land, the free Mustang spirit takes a stand;
Where the herd grows quickly and strong where freedom belongs.
You can witness their beauty flair, and watch Life come forth from mother mare.
Life-giving life in feral natural care.
With warmth, my eyes take in wonderment so fair.
Beyond the high grasslands, a woodland predominates the aspen, birch, box elder and oak.
A piece of the natural treeline of peaceful grace the love of time has blessed this place.
When blue sky melts away, dusk brings silent peace, a subtle kind release.
On haunting demanding days, I walk the land and watch the Mustangs play.
A mystic beauty this land will tell where freedom truly dwells.

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Mustangs Play