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Friends in Deeds

Nine Months old and his good friend is named Eddie.
Four paws and silky fur, Eddie has a mighty purr.
Friends from the start Eddie and Scottie will not part.
Giggles and laughter fill the room a happy home where Eddie zooms.

A Kitten and a bouncing baby boy can fill the home with a special joy.
Gentle with his friend Eddie and Scottie's playful ways bond on rainy days.
Time will slip away, but my young Grandson and Eddie learns how to be gentle as they play.
Within watchful care, Eddie and Scottie find time to share.

In a rough moment, Eddie scampers to another place until nap time renews Scottie's happy face.
In all my years, I've not seen such an unlikely pair, demonstrates a friendship with such loving care.
Eddie and Scottie are one of the same a friendship of another kind so rare to find.
At their early age, they learn to give, with the philosophy of "Live and let Live."

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Friends in Deeds