Conducive Nature

Conducive Nature

I've often wondered if there is someone who's
nature is conducive to mine. No need for
Hurtful words or pointing fingers, but rather
Laughing often, having a generally fun time.

And when I'm 73 he'll help to braid my long grey
hair kissing me on the neck. Say lets get dressed
and go out for breakfast. Our favorite place
dining outside where the music is always divine.

We talk for hours about this or that and fun
times we've had in the past. Now satisfied
with full tummies he stands up and takes my
hand pulls me close and we begin to dance.

It would turn out to be a beautiful day so we
drove to the coast and decided to stay. picking
shells and saw a school of blue whales. Watched
the sunset and a Schooner go by with full sails.

He whispers in my ear I love you until death
do we part and if I should go first my lady
so dear there is no need to shed a tear my
love is for eternity and I'll always be near.

What a beautiful day dream I've lost myself
in and wished in this life time could have
been. To love and hold close to my heart a
man who's nature was so conducive to mine.

Joy Hardy
Dec 27th 2018