When God sends you an Angel

You knew I wasn't living right before and
gave me A chance anyway, it's because of
that chance that I am thankful to be here
with you today.

Not a lot of people would have done
the things that you have done for me, you
not only invited me into your house an
your heart you also invited me into your

Tiara you are such an amazing
person with A Loving spirit an your
absolutely carrying A Godly Soul, I can't
thank you enough being here has made
my heart so happy and my life so much
more meaningful..🦄🦋🦄🦋

To you it may seem like it's nothing,
but to me you gave me the love of A
family again.💙💜
Written by:Kelly Rich
Dec.28th 2018

Dedicated to my friend
Tiara Nixon, Thank you
so much for being there for
me... I will always love you
for that..

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