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When you witness the murders
by cuckoo's baby you have to
ask a question, "Who made this
little baby cuckoo so evil that
instinctively it pushes Eggs of
the host birds out of the nest?"

Answer is very simple, "NATURE"
Nature is neither cruel nor merciful.
Survival is the name of the game
and fittest survive and live on.

Wishful thinking of human beings
for nature to be merciful led to
the concept of God in our image
and attributed all the human
characteristics in God making
God merciful as well as just.

Since stone-age humans thought
they can bribe God by sacrifice
and praise and please God to have
their wishes fulfilled and that
practice is still going on except
sacrifice of human or animal is
made illegal but still carried out
in some parts of our world.

I take Nature as Nature and
admire wonderful things in the
Nature including our existence.
I never forget that cruelty
exists in nature and there is
no way to stop it but we can
make a start by being kind to
all the creatures great and small
and avoid being cruel to others.

Kris ~ Dreamweaver
16th January, 2016.

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