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New Year or New Chapter

The sun shines brilliantly this fine winter's day it is so nice to not have clouds of grey.
We will soon countdown the old year with anew, a fact; not just my point of view. 
I prefer to see each year as a chapter a moment of now and hereafter;
Many forces are out of our hands, for the ones that are not we must make a plan. 
Life can be demanding, it takes some understanding, to face each bump on the way of each and every day.
We can not change the weather but we can find warmth from the fireplace in our own comfy space.
When Summer's heat is too strong, I seldom go wrong with the cooling of my bare feet. 
There will be storms, the thrust of natures fury, these are storms that don't always leave in a hurry.
So when or if we rise from the aftermath, we can always find another path. 
We can rise to compassion; a hope when we find a way to cope. 
If I see the possibility and know what challenges can be free, I can be the best of what I can be. 
May each chapter in the book of life give you peace from days of Strife.
So when the New Year Calls, may the pages of your life stand kind and tall, just not for one but for all. 

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New Year or New Chapter