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Bring on the Cheer
In the shuffle of day to day, we don't always stop and say what we long to say.
Life is too short to forget which can often become our regret.
A few simple but important words we forget can lead to rue and too late to undo.
There are times when we must remember the benefit of the doubt and work those matters out.
This year leaves too fast, yet I'm thankful to see it soon as to become my past.
The good and hard times remain to leave its mark or a stain.
Plenty of loss, to balance the gain, but we all know there is often damaging lightning with the rain.
I wish each person well for a future of peace and hope that turmoil will cease. 
May health be a richness you find, and life be prosperous and kind.
Best to us all for 2019, starting a new year with freshness so clean.
Happy New Year, bring on the cheer.
May laughter and comfort be with you throughout the Year.

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Bring on the Cheer