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New Day1

Newborn life sleeps warmly in the young Mothers arms a light fills the room in a peaceful glow.
 In the promise of today grows the hope of tomorrows strength, where love's light will show.
On a winter's wish, the youth of time will be a gift to know.
One moment thrives in the golden lives of infant moments pure. The winds of life flow sure.
A salty tear brings another year in gentle security, to set the tears of mournful sorrow's free.
A path lies ahead with twist and turns that bend, in the walk of life's motion, follow the heart's devotion.
What comes to mind is remnants of compassion's kiss, come take the hand of life laced in the spirit's bliss.
New day, New Year speaks of a future clear
Come feel the promise of today, when gems of life array.

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New Day 1