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Billy's New Ice Skates

Little Billy was ready for the New Year he would have his new ice skates. 
Fleece lined, blades defined, Billy's skates were one of a kind. 
His church was sponsoring his ice skating team, his eyes had a special gleam.
On the first day of the year, his team was ready for an upcoming cheer. 

His friend Tom didn't have skates, so; Billy polished his old skates and cleaned their blades.
He sharpened the metal with precision, he knew he made the right decision. 
He walked to Tom's house, to surprise his friend, Billy did not hesitate, 
He handed Tom the skates, now Tom had the gear to participate.
They became partners ready to compete, ready to skate. 

Tom was smiling from ear to ear, he was thankful he would compete this year
It was not too late Tom still had an option to enter the race.
Billy and Tom had joined as a team. 
It happened so fast it felt like a dream.

They practiced and worked together on effecting their speed, the skill they both would certainly need. 
The day arrived New Year rang as the Church bells chimed.
All teams took their place on Willow Pond.
Each team had a good sturdy bond. 
The line was formed, while the crowd swarmed, to watch the first annual race.
Little Billy was ready, as well as Tom standing sound and calm.

To the sound of the whistle, the skates took motion, with cutting locomotion.
Only two teams ahead of Billy and Tom, when suddenly they passed in a flash.
They found their speed and it looked like Billy and Tom would succeed.
Four yards from the finish line shallow ice was starting to crack, Billy and Tom 
Turned around to tell the skaters to go back.

The race that could not be won that day for anyone but the skaters were safe and still had their fun.
Billy and Tom were happy to say they were thankful they turned away.
A true victory that was with all the skaters that day.

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Billy`s New Ice Skates