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Warm Delight

In a brief moment, of the day left its imprint on the young woman's heart.
Love had reached towering heights with the hope that brought noondays light.
The sweet tender touch of her suitor's hand in meadows rich near the forest grand.
A shower of purest rain quenched the thirst of wildflowers and eased nature's pain.
It was a sterling silver haloed haze that surrounded lover's within a maze, in fleeting hours of soft Spring days.
A newborn Fawn in the near distance stands a life that Mother deer will understand.
Their song of love embraces the sun when open hearts are on the run. Their life together has just begun.
In velvet views of Spring's romance, the lover's spirits gracefully dance.
When twilight sweeps across the meadow's stead, love's hunger is warmly fed, tall grass pillow's their heavy heads.
The dreams of tomorrow bring them lands where chaos cease.
A moonlit night ignites their flame, in love's undying name.
Shadows of the night of midnight's silver light. Brings forth a piece of Heaven's warm delight.

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Warm Delight