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 The Life Of A Fallin Rose      17052 Poems Read

    This is a different person,  I swore I'd never do it again.
  Just breath and don't cry, as the memories fly by. Feelings so intense, terror gripping my heart in suspense. It's not the same, I'll never again say the name, the reason I fled. Oh God, I'd rather be dead than to ever hurt that way again, feelings of dread.  Down to my core, I quake, it's midnight I'm wide awake. These stupid memories I just can not shake. 
    This is a different person, it's not going to be the same, this one has never made me ashamed. It's different and I know and I believe, so why am I so frightened, my trust he's never deceived. 
  I'm lying to my self I know exactly why. Because the other did more than just make me cry. My very soul was shattered, nothing I did mattered.
    I swore I'd never do it again. I built walls nobody could ever get in,  here I am for the second time. My heart is no longer mine, stolen once more. Oh God please don't lead me again to death's door,  bleeding out on the floor. I never did anything wrong. I didn't deserve what was done but everyone saw, not one even tried to save me, so I became strong.
    This is a different person, they're not all the same. I can love and be loved and say his name. He's not trying to hurt me in any way, sweet and kind to me every day. Things only get better and better, even with stuff I struggle to say, he reads my letters day by day.
   As I sit here and cry, because of the day has long ago gone by, I know this is my opportunity my one shot. My current misery I didn't plot. I just wanted to be stable and safe, damn it this isn't my lot. I live like a waif. Not happy, not sad, just alone even though I call it home.
    This is a different person I hold so dear. How did he get this far? Like the light of a shining star, he just easily passed through every wall and every block. Where did he get the keys he used to unlock and set free me? Is this for real, is he set for me? I just don't know, but I'm willing to roll the dice and place this bet. I guess I'm going to sit back, wait and see... maybe there really is a happy ending for me.

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