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Peace and Love

Reach for the morning mist when a weary heart folds to sorrow 's twist.
Hold a piece of promise in a tear of heavy loss, be the master in triumph and disaster.
Faith will not dwindle or attempt to swindle.
We have a world of many roads, find a way to share your load.
Time and space remain the same, but it is up to us to lose or gain.
Each day begins and ends, instill hope within the hearts of family and friends.
You may not walk this world a second time. Hold hope while in your prime.
Each hour is a gift or sometimes a curse hold faith when you face your worse.
Many tools in life are for the taking it is a simple awakening.
Try not to exchange tools for weapons, life is more than a bitter fight, keep fairness in your sight.
Where ever we go whatever we do, let Peace and love guide us through.

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Peace and Love