John & Nelson

John and Nelson December 31st 2018

John and Nelson a dream of peace
Lennon was killed, Nelson lived his dream
Imagine to Soweto resistance they shared
They shared a dream, they cared
No color in in the dark of night
Black and white they shared the fight
Color blind, support mankind
Walk with me bigotry free
free the world, set us free
The Empire that caused the problem
Denied your your civil rights
Showed at your funeral, killers being nice
Black is means no, no seats on the bus for you
Soweto a hiding place for you
Today we know how true
We have Soweto in other places
Ireland planted with the same
Martin died from the Bogside poor
Bobby was the peoples choice
A martyrs death for sure
They invaded our country
They killed our leaders denied our right
Killed our leaders, The proclamation was death
Reading your rights in a country taken
Death was the action, the invader so cold
What do you do to England so strong
They corrupted the world with a plan so wrong
Plunder and pillage, rule by the sword
Many world leaders killed by the crown
Wallace died as Scotland cried
Scotland free, our country tried
England cruel, still think they rule
The poet said "you English fool"
Hold your head high with shame
Sing me a song called the Patriot Game
Our heroes died and the people still cry
A question to the United Nations, "Why Why Why"
John & Nelson" a dream of peace
Lennon was killed, Nelson lived his dream

Gerrard McGeachy

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