I'm drowning over here,
I've been swallowed by the sea
Taken over by waves and water
Is nobody searching for me?!

I fell out of my boat,
My life jacket is lost
I was sailing in peace,
Then Heaven and Earth crossed

Lightening struck
And my life fell apart,
I can feel the water around me,
Echoing my beating heart.

I'm lost out at sea
Drowning in my own tears,
I am screaming for help,
But it seems nobody hears.

I'm coughing up water,
Please don't leave me to drown,
Rescue me from this hell
And get me back on dry ground.

Please I am begging,
Send out a beacon,
Help me regain my strength,
Don't allow me to weaken.

Vicki Wroe, 28 (C)

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