Walkin on Air

What's Beyond?

‘Can't see beyond the end,
can't see below the bridge;
our past, who can mend
or recall the water smidge
sloshing menacingly?

Wind-chimes moan, constructions groan:
each to eerie shudders loan
touches cold, as spasms scold,
‘Why did you come here to cross?
ghouls will on the other side toss
souls locked in constant death,
zooming high on war mongers' meth
endlessly listening to radio Neth!'

Dare I go forth the yellow stripe:
double-parallel follow to fate unknown?
Clammy hands fondle my receptivity,
apprehension holds me in captivity,
like yield fully ripe my nerve tumbles alone:
sucked into the unseen vortex at the end…

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What`s Beyond?

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