Walkin on Air

Sully Brolly

‘Twas late for the old barber
who'd cheated death already a few times
in the autumn of his journey
on the checkerboard of existence;
now don't go thinking you know him,
‘coz you don't!

Sully Brolly is quite a character, essentially,
disturbs everything he touches: good or bad,
in fact, unable to discern the difference
he'd simply mosey on ahead
snipping hair as it sprung,
shaving the cheeks ‘n chins
in his banal reality.

Defying definition, a spirit-umbrella
protected his head from disgrace:
raindrops of sorrow never drenched him
as he hopped from square to square
in his secret love-life that could not be!

Sure, some random tears cloaked him,
but the sweet flowers of redemption
soaked them up and grew thereby
in spite of rejection's falling leaves
fluttering away, driven by the winds
history generates.

Ahh, yes, old barber Sully Brolly:
what a unique fellow,
we all know the type I guess.

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Sully Brolly

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