Walkin on Air

Awesome Wonder

Wasn't very old when first I trod
the beaten path of Churchianity;
who could have prepared me
for such an exploit?
Puzzled by inner building layout,
no real ideas came to my innocence
how this could to God be related:
everyone clean and well sedated,
seated in straight rows of self-importance
seemed to me odd
all the while impish telepathy and gestures
amused me and I wanted to join the spectacle;
alas, parental restriction censored my efforts
and resigning myself to the droning din
escaping the constricted voice-box
from some aged balding speaker
standing on the ornate podium
in front of a long white-clothed dinner-table
with strange artifacts and an enormous
ugly steel-copper cross mimicking
gilded beauty and worth, like everything else,
convinced my 13 year old mind: lousy fake!
Who'd dare to offend the Lord God like this?

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Awesome Wonder

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