Walkin on Air

No Religion, only Faith!

Once upon a tiny fragment
of borrowed space-time
extracted from the very edge
of my mind's event horizon
innumerable incomprehensible illusions
interact immutably:
random in play
firing about the synaptic fugitive,
flirtatious associations,
where-from galaxies
emerge in graceful violence,
was whence I understood
my creator is
whatever s/he wants to be,
whenever s/he wants to be it;
a creature is what I am:
a living, speaking spirit,
albeit not at home,
rather far from Lovelight
embraced by Death!

Many abound in brazen and astounding
defiance of Truth:
a creature cannot be the Creator!'

Hence, there is only one such
whose mercy and justice prevails
over any shades of death and evil,
regardless of the liars and ego-centered,
deluded haters of Truth,
exuding venomous excretion
that might obscure Lovelight
in defiance of their inner yearning,
which negate their flagitious antics!

How do I know this?
A voice called me
clearly indicating:
I am not alone in the universe';
isolation and loneliness evaporated,
value and curiosity aroused me,
introduction unfolded and I was unique.

A second voice immediately sounded,
seditious and taunting in tone,
suggesting the intention
of the first voice
be false!

My choice was made:
I believed the first voice,
acted upon the invitation
proffered to exit the illusions
and just resigned my will
to trust and obey the sound.

The end of the road is not quite in sight,
but I recognize,
to my amazement,
comfort generating landmarks
indicative of wonderful promises
to enter the Lovelight
I so dearly yearn for!

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No Religion, only Faith!

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