Tattoos in Mayberry

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I'll be your pipe cleaner .
I'll work overtime
to scrub your pipes clean.
I'm your pipe cleaner baby 
how bout some
catch and release.
When you need your pipes
flushed out.

I clean out clogged plumbing
like heart surgery.
When you bust a stitch
and have an itch for
a wrenching fascination
a screw turning pipeline stimulation.
I'll get your plumbing creak
and spout
spin your tap waters all about
There's a royal flush in my game,
without any doubt.

Just call on your pipe cleaner man
and I'll clear that lingering clog out.
Don't binge or purge
on egg foo for the young.
This master plumber
will play your favorite song.
So, call your trusty
pipe cleaner man
Before your pipes
bust a leak and
go south.

Buddy Bee Anthony

All Rights Reserved 2019 Jan 6th.

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Master Plumber