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I'm your pipe cleaner man
I'm the one to call when you need
your pipes cleared out..
I'm your pipe cleaner many 
I can clear your pipes
creak and spout.
When you have a clog that needs to
be cleared out. I'll do the job
no need to shout.
When your pipes are bringing you misery
I come in like heart surgery
with a wrench I'll fix your filtration.
a screw turning pipeline stimulation.
spin tap waters all about
Get your pipes cleaned out.
It's my a royal 'flush' ,
so have no doubt

Put me on speed dial.
I'll be right over to
plunge your lingering clog out.
I'm your master plumber
here for when your waters shout...

Call me your pipe cleaning man
Don't wait for your plumbing
to bust a leak and
go south.

Buddy Bee Anthony

All editing and publishing Rights Reserved 'as is by this author.

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Master Plumber