Death is indiscriminate

Death never favours

Death does not discriminate between

Saints and sinners

losers and winners

Princes and paupers

followers or leaders

Dependents or breadwinners

The fatter or thinner

Those who over ate of life's banquet

and those who austerely skipped its dinner.

Or the healed and the healers

the kinder or the meaner

The angels of death

acting as finders keepers

Today to lie in shrouds and coffins

yesterday's pall bearers

But many sigh with relief

when it kills the killers

It's up to us to part from the world

as loved good doers.

Ah, death may knock

at anybody's lock.

Death is indiscriminate

yet curse it not for it's a mere transition

to another new more perfect world

We didn't enjoy coming into this world either

judging from all that bawling we did as newborns.

For when we're born we cry

but our folks happily ,cheerily rejoice

but we're silent when we die

when our folks weep in mournful voice.

As human bones upon death gather dust

and are merged and lost in earthly crust

The souls fly to heaven coz they must.

All must die , all must eventually expire

From this life all must one day retire.