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The toast is ...

Come, my friends, let us drink a toast. Let

Us imagine that the oceans between us

Though deep and treacherous are calm and

Shallow for our purposes and moreover,

Consummately navigable by the easiest of

Means in this year of our Lord 2022.


Let us repair at once to a roaring fireside,

Sharing tales of fantasy and woe, of fun

And frolicking good times. Holding nothing

Back in our quest for freedom of expression,

Our lust for new horizons, our passion for

The pen and its rapacious reservoir constantly

In need of replenishment.


Let us rejoice in our friendship, our love of

Words, our ability to sculpt without clay,

Fashion without cloth, smithy without coals.

What better company can there be than that

Of friends who have bared their soul, aired

Their pain and brought love, life and reality

To the world.


What other medium is there that can rally

Such satisfaction, strike a ready conduit

Between writer and reader and touch on so

Much in so few words? Truly a force of some

Worth. In light of which, I beg you would

Charge your glasses, raise your glasses and

Drink mightily deep, for the toast is: Poetry.

© Joseph G Dawson