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Love Prevails

The cold reality in the charcoal misty night. There was nothing that would change the fact.
Regret and grief would not change, her life now empty and coldly strange.
She looks at the crowded streets.
Sinking in sorrow her spirit faces defeat.
What happened to those vibrant days when hurtful memories were lifted away?
Lisa was her name, her sad eyes were the sight of a broken heart, she pleaded
for the healing to start.
Year's passed with some avail, Lisa's heart was no longer frail, she meets a man
true to her heart.
They started a family and never grew apart.
If there was one wisdom that Lisa found, that would be love is a gift that heeds to a broken heart's sound.
Beauty came alive in her world with both feet on the ground.
As Lisa and her true love grow old they share each day, and they view each moment as gold.
Lisa has found the true value of love and discovered what dreams are often made of.
Yes, love prevails as two hearts in eternity sails.

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Love Prevails