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Why are so many Christians losing ground in their cause?
When we know that God is the victory in our flaws
Where is that power that our Savior promised you?
The wisdom and instruction for what you must do
But when you got that call was it truly God you heard
And who were the 2 or 3 He sent to confirm that word
Get ready, get set, but before you go
Be fully covered, make sure you know
Sometimes we get a notion God sent us a ministry
But we fail to understand His spiritual chemistry
When God appoints, He leaves no room for confusion
Be sure that your vision is not a selfish illusion
Choosing a car or house, a friend or a mate
Under God’s appointed covering there is no debate
Confirmation is your covering; a witness if you will
When God makes a covenant He also leaves a seal
He never intended anyone of us to walk this walk alone
He provides spiritual covering to help and pray us along
Mothers and fathers, sisters and brothers
Grandparents, Pastors and many others
Those who by the spirit touch and agree
To share the vision and help you see
We may not understand it or even agree
But that intercession brings covering you see
We try to go it on our own
Or seek co-signers in our wrong
We reject the covering God provides
And the Holy vision through others eyes
That’s when we find ourselves walking alone
We thought we followed God but He’s been gone
Not that He left you but you left Him
Now look at the mess that you are in
Christ blood places full coverage over you
But it won’t cover if you won’t allow it to
He put you a hedge of protection all around
And only you can knock it down
If God be for us then who could be against us
But if God be against who then can defend us
J. Moore

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