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The foxes live in holes and the birds in nest
Who are we to say which home is best?
One has an apartment somewhere downtown
While another has a tent and sleeps on the ground
We assume one’s rich because of his tax bracket
And the other poor because he doesn’t pay taxes
One lives on a boathouse, rocked to sleep by the sea
Yet another sleeps on a rock under a tree
We call the one homeless who lives under a bridge
No car in the garage and no food in the fridge
No room to furniture, no closet to arrange
No carpet to lay, no drapes to hang
Just wander around with nothing to do
When actually we’re all are just wandering too
We are all just aliens dwelling in a strange land
Life eternal on earth was never part of the plan
We get too comfortable and think we have it made
Because we got a good rate and the mortgage is paid
But I know a Man who left His home
To go find some dusty old roads to roam
He would be considered homeless by us today
But when asked about a home what would He say
Home is something you must be born in to
A place that no bank can take from you
The mortgage has been paid once and for all
And there are no rates to rise and fall
Jesus came to end all homelessness
For all who would believe and confess
That He is the Son of God; sacrificed for man
Atoning for sin as a part of His plan
He left an example and a command for us
The keys to the kingdom he did entrust
Home is where the heart is; this is true
So if Christ has made His home in you
Spread the word, that the debt is paid
Invite all to come enjoy the home He made
Tell all that He went to prepare a place
With many rooms and plenty of space
Faith is the key, Jesus in the door
We don’t have to be homeless anymore.

J. Moore

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