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Forgotten Place

A forgotten place in time stands unchanged and clear.
A place of the canorous song where the voice of wind and sun are strong.
On the cobblestone trail where daylight gently sails,
It is said the heart of time beats in the cavern's vail.
A vivid shade of green and emerald light is seen.
A solitary egg begins to open it's ivory shell within life silently swells. 
A dragons head emerges as its life begins to surge.
The people of this land reach out with a carrying hand.
At the turn of the day, the Infant dragon made her way
Moonlighting caressed that night and brought forth an ancient sight. 
Her emerald eyes were kind, her awkward head was in a bind,
Her new life was searching for mothers milk.
Her mother was nowhere to be found, the dragon's tears split deep into the ground
So what would the people do for a dragon's thirst of new?
The milk of cows and goats did not quench this infant beast.
The thirst became increased she found no form of release.
The stream of pearls flowed nearby and beckoned to the baby dragon's cry.
Pearls were drunk taken into her beastly trunk and became the nourishment that helped her grow. 
An alabaster dragon began to show.
A slight beauty did appear, free of hatred nor solemn fear.
She brought the people of the land, a soft and loving hand. 
She protected her people well, she guards their gates with pride
There were grief and loneliness she could not hide.
The people loved her so and knew one day she would go. 
They prayed she would not have alone fate.
Was she the only one of her kind, would she never have a mate to find?
One day a blue flame came her way, a male of blue star filled her heart's delight,
Together they flew out of sight.
She became their pearl of night, he became the flame of blue starlight.
The people hold dear the gems on high, in a home where dragon's  take flight.

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Forgotten Place