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Forever girl

When it’s time to give in and love’s run its course,

When words fail and night’s claim another divorce,

Looking back through the prism of joy and regret,

Try as hard as you like you will never forget.


Never forget the first kiss, the first touch,

The first night of high passion wrapped up in her love,

When promises made were both real and sincere,

When the world stopped, your heart stopped, as

You drew her near.


When your heart stopped and heaven felt ever so close,

Does the memory not linger, does love have a ghost?

You might think that it does when the shadows prevail,

On her birthday, at Christmas, in cards that you’ve saved.


Cards that meant so much not so long ago,

When she told you she loved you with kisses galore,

When she told you forever was too short a time,

But if that’s all there is - it’ll do for a while.


When it’s time to give in and love’s run out of steam,

Some men fight for their corner, some throw the towel in,

Some muster the power to move heaven and earth,

To recover, their lover, their forever girl.

© Joseph G Dawson

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Forever girl