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Devine Twist

There was a certain sorrow that filled her that day when she watched her father sail away.
She held his navy pin close while his ship faded into the horizon. 
Heading back to her home her imagination began to roam.
She visioned the old masters of the sea when they sailed to an ancient reality.

She saw their ships pitch and toss while English crew stand in tremendous loss.
She could feel the salty waters splash and saw the Clippers dash.
The wind and waters clash and tare the nautical sash.
She began to sway to her mind's vision of stormy seas, she fell to her knees.

Now pulling away from her imagination of a sail of her own creation, she was
Aware of her hearts hesitation, she realized her spirit belonged to the time of
Open waters and the salty brine. She and her Father was two of a kind whether
In heart or mind, patriots of the waters deep, a likeness both her and her Father would keep.

My mother and her father were connected to a bond, that lived with them in true life.
Both went to a place beyond. In my dreams I see them sail in the mist and know they 
Faithfully inlist to a navy ship that holds heaven's divine twist.
The Pin that she once held in her hands, became the truth where my Mother and Grandfather now stands.

Dedicated to my Mother and Grandfather, with love.

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Devine Twist