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Hearts That Belong

1 I talked to you not because I needed someone to talk to, but because you are my friend.
2 beyond the fact of it all we had memories to be made
3 when I first glanced in your eyes I saw an appealing look as though you liked me but you didn't want me to know.
4 if I could turn back... Man I don't even know where to begin. I would go back to the day we first met, but instead of walking away I would smile.
 5... 5 man I always forget, i always forget that love can be strong but I swear together we can persevere through together if we try.
6 At times I wonder if love of those who say it's pure is fake. But then I realise all love is pure until it's corrupted.
7 to this day I still see you as someone I want to grow and touch new bonds and boundaries.
 8.... boys, and girls can find love one day but in there quest they can also find passion in anothers soul and strength in there hearts along a new journey.
 9... if i could i would go back and say the first thing on my mind, i would tell you that my heart set out for you, my smile quivers when you speak, my knees get weak, along with my arms sore to the touch...
10... When i let my heart go and gave it to you i saw a future in the depths of your teal eyes. I saw hope in your heart and soul amd in the end i saw love.

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Hearts That Belong

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