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One More Time 

Laughter filled the halls When playtime calls.
The energy jumps from their seat as they dance in their stocking feet.
The dolls, trucks and tea party plates, sit quietly and wait.
Lunchtime comes around their appetites astound.

It is hard to say its nap time no more play, but it is said anyway.
Well rested after their sleep with little smiles they often keep.
Back to the toys for girls and boys while they revel with playful noise.
I've seen many of these days when happy children love to play.

Now grown their toys sit on the shelf and silence seems so loud.
My heart recalls feats large and small and warms my thoughts rich endowed.
A certain time that moved so fast has made the moment charmed with past.
Teacups, teddy bears, sit side by side with a few empty chairs.

I remember those table talks, and outside Summer walks.
The family cat in renaissance full attire and the roasted marshmallows around the fire.
I see this come back in sight, with playful grandchildren who stay the night.
I hear the halls fill again in children laughter, the sound that is so right, for now, and hereafter.

One more time, children and their stuff animals sit at their table and dine.

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One More Time