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Honor is more than a Word

 Four cardinal virtues, Prudence, Justice, Fortitude, and Temperance 
When each virtue are put to the test, the honor of mankind is addressed.
So live with virtue each day, for without them our souls eventually pays.
When the strength of life is an action that stands tried and true each day.

What does this mean, some might say. When prudence shows the way.
Justice is the rights will provide fair insights.
Fortitude will forsake the common vice of the rude, and lighten unwanted attitudes
Temperance will modestly weigh the turmoil's moderate sway.

Virtues cannot be forgotten, they are needed in a world that is sometimes rotten.
For its people that help make this Earth, it is not hard to contribute to it's worth.
Virtues can become acquired when so many things false misfires.
When all else fails, morality must be encouraged to prevail.

(When honor becomes more than a word, the voices of unity and love are heard.)

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Honor is more than a Word