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Light of Love
It was the time to walk away and leave the misty eyes of sorrow behind.
Alone so very alone, the silence becomes deafening.
Perhaps love was not meant for me, perhaps it wonders on the Sea.
I know a reckoning when the wounds of time are beckoning

Grey skies enlist in a charcoal mist, lit with pure white snow where winter grows.
How can the darkness bare light in the perils of imprisoned sight?
Long whispers of the cold stand as the untempered glaciers of old, day and night.
Invisible I stand, a mere grain of sand, reaching out to touch a warm and gentle hand.

Unheard, unseen one last cry to let the hidden hope untie, in a twinkle of lost blue sky.
I've done my best now emptiness is laid to rest. I conquered the final test.
There remains no other quest, my soul becomes a welcome guest.
Know in the Shepherds land I caress His warm and gentle hand.
(The light of love is where the Good Shepherd stands.)

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Light of Love