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Billy'sSong Bird

Little Billy was ready for Sunday school.
He would learn about the golden rule.
He put half of his allowance in the collection plate.
His happy giving would be a sharing deed of living.

So Billy went home with a good start.
Knowing his offering came from his heart.
Little Billy had no work on Gods day, he went to his snow fort to play.
Much to his surprise there sat a small bird with no eyes.

So he took his scarf and wrapped the bird, took this sparrow inside his home.
He took the bird to his Mother and father they told Billy he must not go in a cage.
He was confined to the insulated closed in porch, with paper on the floor, and plants galore.
For the bird's safety, Billy locked the door. 

The bird became graceful and thankful for his home.
He was a true songbird well fed and warm.
He lived awhile and was Billy's friend was the reason for Billy's golden rule smile.
An eyeless songbird adapted his flight was a friend of precious sight.

(Sing on little bird of Billy's winter fort, fly to the song of love.
To the goodness that friendship brings.
God sent a blessing to guide your wings 
The safety of this birds life has found a home and friend.
The comfort in life has a message to send.)

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Billy`s Song Bird