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Eijaz and The Adventure of Love

His name is Eijaz, meaning Survivor

He escaped being exalted to the ranks of the deity, Flamecaller and now lives in secret to keep himself from being back to her

His personality is skittish, serious, secretive, and he keeps to himself

After all the pain, all the struggles he fled,
Secretly beyond a realm of unheard thoughts,
Eijaz soared high and far as a survivor.
On his way in search of love, as he searched he sang.
"Oh love we travel far and wide,
Fir its come it is our time.
We love so srong and memories made,
We'd live as long til the grave."
A sensible scar of hope and secretive thoughts kept him straight for this was his passion it was his destiny,
He would search all over till the words on his tomb said rest im peace.
He flew to peaks and oceans deep in search of his love,
Holding onto it with a srrong firm grip of love and care.
But as he flew he sang once again.
"A love so marvelous a love so sweet but where is mine to further speak,
Id give my heart to show as light to help her guide through the dark.
A love as mine for sweet to help,
But thoughts be told we are never on our own."
He heard a call a lucious voice,
A girl voice as she sang her thoughts.
" my name is Arielle a dragon for sweets,
All i ever want for me is someone to care.
And someone to awkwardly stare.
Loving me when im hurt and showing me how much I'm worth."
Eijaz flew closer and smiled with hope,
He let all emotion out and began to sang.
"I dine with passion and all my soul,
For we both know the world is cold,
We could share our hearts and light the sky,
To enjoy our love as we fly in the night."
Arielle smiled and began to sing with Eijaz with hearts full of live.
"Our hearts are will sing as our lungs breath in,
Hoping our love is from with in,
We shpw pur love with a lively kiss,
Living life with holy bliss,
And times get tough were never on our own.
For time will tell the story thats told."

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Eijaz and The Adventure of Love

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