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What`s in a Name

Everybody wants to make a name for themselves
One that would put them above everyone else
We all want our title on a grand marquee
That screams to the world, “Look at me”
Everyone in the rat race striving to be first
So focused that we run past this important verse
Matthew chapter 20 in verse 16
Stop and take a look at what it really means
“So those who are last now will be first then
And those who are first will be last”
The nameless worker with no chance to win
Will be first to receive what the Father has
So many nameless here on earth
In whom God has place a greater worth
Those who obediently and humbly serve
Thankful not to receive what they truly deserve
But walk in the wonderful grace of God
And willing to work, whatever the job
No platform needed, no pat on the back
Content to let the Lord handle that
Noah's wife in Genesis chapter 7
Had to trust and believe he heard from heaven
It is never mention what she went through
She continued to do what she was called to do
Moses's adoptive mother, fished him from the river
She didn't carry for months nor did she deliver
But greatly use in the plan of God
Another nameless one who did her job
Abraham's servant was ask to play cupid
Matching Isaac and Rebekah as instructed to do it
The 2 spies in Jericho, the widow that fed Elijah
No names are mention, but you best believe
God knows there names and what they will receive
And since it's in the bible it has to be true
God even got a donkey to what it was told to do
So what's in a name? how is it really known?
Are we working for recognition or working for the throne
Before we start thinking about what we deserve
“The Son of Man came not to be served
But to serve others and give His life as ransom”
So let's be known as servant and leave the name abandoned

J. Moore

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What`s in a Name