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What it feels like to be cheated on.

If a man cheats on his wife,
you know it isn't going to be a great life.
But if on his country a man cheats,
only for him no one weeps.

Now, if on him, his country cheats,
then his love for his country becomes weak.
If for his country he dies,
as to him and others his country lies.

For outsiders they will shut the government down,
but yet to help the veterans no way will be found.
Now, whose cheating is worst or hurts the most.
how high is going to be the cost.

A country torn apart, because for the people the government doesn't care,
how many bad things must we citzens bare.
Before the black hearts of these officials get them kicked out,
When we realize what they are all about.


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What it feels like to be cheated on.

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