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Beyond the bounds of man's definition,
Dismissed as myth and pure superstition;
There exists a world few mortals ever view,
Only the cursed or demented few.

There tentacled monstrosities writhe and squirm,
Amid fungi gardens and monstrous worm.
Hideous demons and vampires prowl,
While chill winds echo the werewolf's howl.

Blinded by their own foolish decrees,
Who can evade what they never see?
Easy prey to ancient foes of myth,
Slain by troll, or captured by sith.

Only those who dabble in forbidden lore,
Who dare pierce the veil, or open the door
Protect the unwary from what lurks unseen,
The twisted monsters, the horrors unclean.

So blunder on your blissful way,
Unaware of danger, as you blithely say,
“I believe only in what is real and factual,
Not in mere myth and supernatural “.

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