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Polar Vortex Blast

There is a Polar Vortex blast heading to Northeastern, Northwestern US life-threatening temperatures will be put to the test.
Button down the hatches bring your animals in from the cold, this is a nasty blast that will hit hard and fast.
So the old root cellar full of harvest will dance in hot soups, the pantry is there to recoup, a cold and hungry group.
Stay cozy by your fire and snuggle in warm desire. 
Keep that kettle on a slow boil and my prayers reach out to all in toil, be safe, stay warm, we will find refuge from this storm.
My concern for the homeless grows, left in the streets when this Polar Vortex Blows, my hope and prayers that they can be...
Behind warm doors, and help will be there in hours of need, the warmth of our community must take heed.
Take care one and all, Can we remember the "Good Samaritan that will rise to the call?
We are brothers and sisters who weather nature's hard falls.
  ( this is an actual happening as I write, not fiction.)

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Polar Vortex Blast