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In due time she no longer wept herself asleep.
Her dreams were always waiting in the stillness of her conscious of the deep.
Her heart so torn apart lived on in midnight's dark.
The voices of children were missing. The playful ways of life were falling;
Somehow the voice of her true love was softly calling.
She finds no comfort in her dreams, her shattered heart cries out in mournful screams.
The day came when the sun did not rise, a host of dark shadows shown from her eyes.
She calls out his name and hears his whispers proclaim.
She finds memories of Springtime sweets when songs of life held no defeat.
Like a candle in the wind, the flame suddenly went dim.
Now the halls of the darkness of another kind, etching sorrow for the spirit to find.
This is so unlike her mind, to view such taunting pitch black, she wants her
light and warmth to rise, leaving torment to demise.
She catches a glimmer from his eyes, within a reflection of paradise.
Softly light embraces her heart and brings together the forlorn parts.
A greater warmth than Sun the pieces of her heart and his stand as one.
The defeated darkness becomes gracefully done.
The perils of the lost have not won.
Back in the arms of her true love, a purer light has begun.
They drift on velvet sky's where the one heart of true love rests upon.

(Dedicated to my Mother and my Father who will no longer grieve one or the other, United in the light of their Love, in the Heavens above) ©Allseasonsverse 2019/31/01
All Rights Reserved

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