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Welcome Baby

Another small kitten showed up on my doorstep, shaking from the extreme cold.
I picked this poor cat up and brought her in. 
Black and white she clung to me and my husband most of the night.
Now she is curled in a ball, all snug and fed, she made the empty recliner her nice warm bed.
My old Mama cat cleaned her from head to toe, I can't let this poor animal go.
To the Veterinarian tomorrow for this wide-eyed kitten, who appears to have four white mittens.
She seems calm and so grateful so plain to see her  purr is loud as can be.
Another cat for this family home, so happy to bring her in, she would not make it on this icy night,
Now her future is warm and bright.
Thank you Lord for bringing her our way, she has a full belly, and is happy to stay.
Her name is Baby and perhaps soon she will find my yarn and learn how to play.
Soft bundle of joy with green eyes has come our way.
Welcome my friend our love is here in your home where hope and love will be with you each day.

©Allseasnsverse 2019/01/02
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Welcome Baby