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Love Bites

Love bites

Now, if all could change like a bolt of lightning hitting a forest then the world would burn.
If all could crumble to the ground like construction on a building as one swift blow makes it collapse.
And when times are tough and shallow memories fall down, like a bird as it loses flight and hurls towards the Earth it stops..
Falling for it with essence like movement, it spins out of control landing beside what seems to be safety it's not.
That's how it feels it stings. It's driving many insane contemplating how they feel or their actions aplenty they see now that their own future lacks swift strand of emotion that crumbles to the ground when sad, builds up when it's nervous, and when it's scared it stops.
That's love, it has its good days and it's bad but in the end it bites with swift teeth sharp enough to pierce skin and make you cry.
It's there for a while until you lose hope in another person and forget how they feel or act stupid and lose them for what they are, you're lost with out them. Lost like a young boy or a found girl looking for their mother in Wal-Mart but can't find her, stuck beyond where to go and look so you cry.
You lose hope in caring and just lay on the floor taking it all back, wishing you could find love without it biting down on your soul and pride.
But without it lashing out with anger and swift fear and dread. It stings, it hurts and you can't control it along short periods of time you fight against it hoping it will make you whole but it won't, because love takes alot to handle.
Love takes time, it takes memories, days, weeks, months, years to fully find, but in the end the only thing love will really do is bite.

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Love Bites

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