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Bless the Chill

The morning looked upon the dunes of ice. The sun was holding warm sacrifice.
Stillness sweeps in the open field, my searching eyes now yield.
Do I stand alone, When love is near? My life's partner is so very dear.
There was a time when winters' voice, would come as sweet rejoice.
Now my years are late, and window gazing becomes my fate.
Countless snowmen that melt away stood searching for the child of play.
Hats and gloves on my table will make the season's fable.
Boots and socks by the door call out to me once more, the hills and sleds
Have much in store.
Now noonday stands above, I watch my Grandchildren put on the glove.
They slide on the hills of winter's love. One moment thrill has blessed the chill.

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Bless the Chill