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A Valley's Miracle

Gentle Bells ring out across the valley's low.
The home of virtue where freedom glows.
Some say there is no such place, but Father McKay has seen its grace.
Rich vineyards that make the wine, great shadows of blue spruce pine.
A hall where Angels dine.
Long ago, when Father McKay was a small baby, his Valley town was 
Deep underground, an avalanche covered all around. 
Triggered by a large golden bell sound. 
A rescue of many of the town's people set the survivors abounding. 
The rescue team was astounding. 
A small baby, however, clings to life by a thread.
At one point the poor baby was pronounced dead.
A miracle happened the town's people said. 
A light of heat touched the small baby from head to feet;
Life was restored to this infant so sweet.
Year's pass by and the valley's beauty stays in God's watchful eye-set.  
Father McKay is thankful for, The Most Highest, and will never forget.
He was the baby that was saved so long ago the one who was touched,
By God's Glow.

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A Valley`s Miracle