Tattoos in Mayberry

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I play as I sing from the A to the G.
with your, french toast, coffee
or mid-day tea.
You'll find me riffing in the key of C
I'm on the move,
up in your groove.
With a song,
if you'd care,
I could spare,
,two or three.
If you're short on cash,
cop a squat by me
where I'll soothe you
with home style melodies
Manifesting nostalgic memories.
Mixing the melancholy with the bitter sweet.
For fair trade
or a token fee
That's the scene where you'll find me
I'm your anarchy street musician.
I can take a  bogie when it comes
If the spirit moves you
bust out your kettle drum
If you try drowning out me
take your best shot from the tee.
I must first warn you
I'm amongst the best
I'll bust  through your compliance test
I'm your
leftist leaning, radical
bleeding heart fanatical
anarchy street musician.

You'll find me playing
loud and proud
for the late night
uptown dinner crowd
I'll be summoning curtain calls.
from early spring
til late fall
 spicy limericks to  awaken 
the butterflies and bees
and  all the other animals
 nesting in the trees
Whether you're uptown or down.
Make way for my dark symphony of sound
as your one and only
unholy rolling
anarchy street musician.

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Anarchy Street Musician